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Mobile Solutions for a Health-Secure Future

Testing Center and Laboratory Mobile Pods

Complete turnkey solution with sample collection, Antigen POC LFA and PCR testing facilities, fully equipped high complexity laboratory, and collaboration space for medical experts. 20’ and 40’ pods suitable for any location.

Temperature control with state-of-the-art air sanitizer, secure digital health app that integrates with existing platforms and provides health certification and back tracing. Honeywell crowd management technology. Optional solar panels.

OHS Mobile Pod Solutions are designed to expedite testing, screening, and eventually vaccination on
massive scale to support a health-secure future.

Fast and Portable Mobile qPCR Solution

Battery-operated for maximum portability enabling a full day’s work on a single charge.

Ruggedized, 9 and 16 well thermocyclers.

Portable, hand-held solution for remote work locations across U.S., Canada and internationally, weighing 3 lbs.

Real-time PCR analysis with results in under an hour.

Kit complete with tablet or mobile with cloud software for secure data handling.

Ready-to-Use Well Plates PCR Solution

Non-cold chain, ready-to-use 9, 16, 96 and 384 well plates
Desiccated pellets eliminate need for reagents and mixes. Ideal for remote geographies, is shelf-stable and allows expansion of testing centers.

3 preparation steps instead of typical 15
Minimizes pipette errors and possible contaminants. Sensitivity and specificity results at 100%.

Triplex with 3 gene channels per tube
Works with fluorophores thermocyclers (ThermoFisher, Bio-Rad). FDA and Health Canada approved, and CE

Increase testing volume up to 30% marked.



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