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Dedicated to Healthcare

Using innovative technology to supply comprehensive solutions for the entire medical spectrum, from humans to animals.

Our Solutions

OHS focuses on providing complete solutions that include world class tests, fully-equipped portable laboratories, and ongoing virtual patient support services.


Antigen POC, Innovative PCR and qPCR tests


Mobile PCR analysis kits and lab pods to support a health-secure future


Complete end-to-end support and collaboration


OHS offers leading, point-of-care, human readable POC tests with results in 15 minutes, as well as non-cold chain triplex PCR solutions that increase productivity up to 30%.

Mobile Solutions

OHS provides complete turnkey solutions for sample collection, Antigen POC LFA and PCR testing supplies, equipment and facilities.

TeleHealth Services

We connect people to healthcare providers virtually. Our team focuses on personalized care and meaningful interactions for every individual.


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